INDIA’s DAUGHTER is one of the most important documents of the 21st century. It is absolutely brilliantly done. The devastation is complete. I am not surprised it is taking hold like it is and I am full of admiration for the team that made it. What a vital and incredibly powerful tool has been given to us all.

Emma Thompson, actress and writer

This moving documentary is harrowing not only for its heartbreaking, unflinching look at a young woman’s life brutally ended, but for the intimate, clear eyed look at the young men who broke her and their defenders. It forces a look at the mindset that must be made to know it has no place in the civilized world.

Meryl Streep, actress and activist

Watch this film. Horrific that this can happen, uplifting that it will make a difference.
Alan Rickman, actor
This horrifying story is explored with a deeply humanist eye and is difficult but essential viewing. To Udwin’s great credit, she humanizes the plight of the rapists and their impoverished families, suggesting how normal people could be driven to commit unthinkable acts when under the influence of socially enforced discrimination.
Matt Fagerholm, Roger
This eloquent film is so powerful and so profoundly moving. It disturbs and offers hope in almost equal measure. It is also a testament to how Indian women are fighting back. It’s essential viewing and also an inspiration for women worldwide, to refuse to be runners up in the human race.
Kathy Lette, writer
It is a beautiful film. A heart-touching film, It has surely made me think about how women are treated in my country and I will surely change.
Rajat, waiter, New delhi
India’s Daughter is much more than a documentary film, it is a powerful platform for cultural change on a global scale. Director Leslee Udwin is a remarkable storyteller who asks us all to consider and challenge the social norms that perpetuate violence against women around the world. We are proud to partner on this critical campaign to catalyze change and address the greatest unfinished business of the 21st century securing the human rights of women and girls around the world.
Susan Ann Davis and Alyse Nelson, Vital Voices Global Partnership
India’s Daughter is a shocking and powerful film. It moves, it confounds and infuriates but above all it inspires. It persuades the world with an eloquent plea, at a time when gender equality is at last on the global agenda.
Tina Brown, CEO and Editor
The film is utterly mesmerizing, appalling, brilliant, moving, and so amazingly shot as well. Jyoti’s mother’s agonized beauty is too moving for words – the attitude of both parents towards their daughter is so extraordinary against the background of rooted sexism. And the balance and inquiry into the rapists lives and backgrounds, the political width – I have rarely been so impressed by a film. The power of cinema used for good.
Jeannie Mackie, Human Rights Barrister
The heady, emotional mix of evidence and opinion offered by India’s Daughter, not only tug at the heartstrings but make for an intensely honest tale of the coexistence of humanity and the inhumane. India’s Daughter offers an opportunity to change the situation for the next generation of women in India and beyond.
Cristina Ljungberg, Influence Film
This is the most important film I have ever seen.
Shami Chakrabati, Director of Liberty UK