Magic Bus works with children living in extreme poverty to end gender-based discrimination and transform lives.  Their work has proven impact in ensuring girls and boys are raised to believe they are equal, which is the cornerstone of ending gender-based violence and discrimination. Girls and boys on the Magic Bus programme get back to school, and finish their education. On the way, Magic Bus make sure they learn the basics of how to stay healthy and develop a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence so that they have the strength and attitude to use every available opportunity to break out of poverty. Their programme equips India’s poorest children and young people with the essential life skills and appropriate behaviours/knowledge to take control over their lives so they can find decent livelihood options when they grow up and be vital members of their communities.

Magic Bus require approximately 3000 CDs with the film on it, for the 3000 communities we work in. They also need a discussion guide in Hindi/local language so that their mentors are able to facilitate the community discussions after viewing. Each CD costs Rs. 15.